Picture of Candy cane necklace
Candy Cane necklace hearts. What a great gift for your friend or girlfriend.
So easy to make and even give it to your mom, I know she'll think its special
and probably your  girlfriend will like it too!
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Step 1: Tools&materials

Picture of tools&materials
   All right time to get started.  The material and tools you need:
     White paint (white spray paint would work better)
   Red paint
   metal wire (1foot & 6 inchs)
   glue                             TOOLS                 
   old newspaper            hammer
                                         wire cutter
                                                panit prush  ( I used a broken one)

Step 2: Making candy canes

All right now grab your tools and lets start making it.
now the first thing to do is take your wire cutters, pencil
paint brush, and metal wire. Ok cut 4 inchs off your metal wire
and bend it to make it like a u but one side shorter then the other.
Then  cut out 2 1/2 inches for a smaller candy cane and use your paint brush for your small candy canes and do the same as you did with the other one.
Then after that take your wire cutters and cut your high side down to 1 1/8 if it's that size don't cut it down.
smaller side 1/12. Smaller candy cane high side 1 inch lower side 1/9.
Now you will need to make one more big candy cane and three small candy canes so what I did was compare
them together to make sure they're the right sizes its easy that way.

Step 3: Paint!

Picture of paint!
Ok, now that your outside grab your paper and primer
put your paper down and set up your candy canes
and start priming,  becareful not to get it on your clothes.
Now since your candy canes are dry take your white paint or spray paint and paint it white.
After that take your red paint and paint a spiral going up. O.k almost done.
Very cute idea. Nice job!
build52 (author)  barefootbohemian2 years ago
Thank you!
build52 (author) 3 years ago
Sorry I couldn't take pictures with some one wearing it cause I was in a hurry and I missplace it some were sorry.