Candy stand using repurposed plastic bottles

Picture of Candy stand using repurposed plastic bottles
I have no idea where the inspiration for this candy stand came from... I have a pile of cut plastic bottles that I regularly play with to think up ideas to use them, and this one just popped into my head. I think it would be perfect for a party table or special occasion, and could be used to display sweets or snacks.

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Step 1:

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The base for the candy stand is a vinyl LP that I decided to put to good use, since I no longer have a record player. You could also use a cake tray, ceramic or glass plate, etc.

I used a 10mm HSS drill bit to enlarge the centre hole to fit a 10mm dowel for the stand.

Step 2:

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You will also use the same drill bit to drill a hole in the centre plastic containers that will be mounted on the dowel.

Drill from the inside through the bottom - it's easier.

Step 3:

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I pushed the containers onto the dowel and they fit nice and snug, but you can add a bit of epoxy glue if you need to.

This was very much trial and error to start off with, but I am very happy with how it turned out.

Step 4:

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Before gluing everything into place, I sprayed each part with Rust-Oleum 2X satin blossom white.

I was going to leave it white but you will see that I changed my mind and sprayed it pink. I decided to go girly and over-the-top.

What a great idea. I never thought that this could be possible. I have a lot of soda bottle here.

Excellent instructable! Thank you!
dezine (author) 1 year ago
I made something similar to Faberge eggs using chicken eggs. Must post this project. Blow out the eggs and use a dremel tool to cutout a design and then embellish.
dezine (author) 1 year ago
I love what they have done with bottles and if you use coloured plastic bottles you don't need to use ANY spray paint whatsoever - even more eco-friendly. Think I need to start drinking a different cold drink so I can use the coloured bottles...!
lcowper1 year ago
Just a few days ago, I discovered EPBOT's jewelry stand made of Mt. Dew bottles (which are green so no need for paint) here-- -- and was contemplating modifying the design for candy dishes. My idea was to use a 3-liter bottle on the bottom, facing up, to give it more capacity and stability, and use clear bottles with just the outsides (where there's no contact with the food) painted metallic gold. I wasn't certain on the food-grade quality of most spray paint (or the likelihood of it getting scratched in handling), so that was the reason for my idea of only painting the outsides.
DIY-Guy1 year ago
Very nice looking! I wonder with those gilded edges if something like a Fabrage' egg could be made from a pop bottle.
T_Albrecht2 years ago
Great idea!!! I love finding ways to repurpose things - next time I throw a baby shower I'll be sure to try this.
Creativeman2 years ago
Love your creativity!
Rhi-Rainbow2 years ago
This is so cool!!
I'm definitely doing this the next time I have a party! :)