Step 2: STAGE 1: Dismantling Coat

Picture of STAGE 1: Dismantling Coat
The first step in the process is to dismantle your XL Carhartt coat. You can buy any size coat that you want (heck, it doesn't even have to be a Carhartt!), but remember that you want to have as much fabric to work with as possible. Honey is a medium sized dog, so an extra-large coat is perfect to give us some extra fabric.

Start by taking apart the coat with your stitch-ripper. Remove the following parts of the coat:

1. hood
2. sleeves
3. elastic sleeve cuffs
4. elastic waistband

You can set aside the hood and the sleeves, as you won't need them. The elastic sleeve cuffs will be used as sleeves for the jacket, and the elastic waistband will be used as the waistband and collar for the jacket.

Leave the zipper in place, as this will be an integral part of the coat. No need to take apart a zipper when it's already sewn in place!