Step 4: STAGE 2: Draping the Jacket, Continued

Picture of STAGE 2: Draping the Jacket, Continued
From here I make sure that Honey has the correct neckline so that she can move in any direction that she wants. It's important to leave extra room in this coat so that the dog can move and run normally without restriction. I bring the extra fabric from the sides around to the center front of her chest under her neck and pin down the center front to create a seam. I then use the pins to mark out how low the neckline should dip in the front. For the back neckline cut off as much zipper as you need to.

Remove the jacket, fold along the zipper and cut 1/2” beyond the pin lines for the neckline and the center front seam.

Pin the center front seam together as it will be sewn to make sure it fits correctly. Cut the elastic waistband in half and pin it around the neckline. This is done so that when you try it on your dog you can make sure that the collar sits in the correct position and doesn't choke or restrict your dog's movement. Adjust fit and cut as necessary.

Now that most of your coat is built, it's time to connect the neck to the body of your coat with a chest piece. Use any of the extra fabric that you have lying around to pin horizontally to the bottom of the neck, and the connect to the chest. Make any pin markings necessary to accommodate for the front of the armhole, again allowing enough wiggle room for a dog who wants to run, jump, play, lay down and generally have an awesome time in an epic coat.

Remove the jacket, fold along the zipper and cut 1/2” beyond the pin lines around the armholes.

Pin elastic arm bands in place to check for correct fit.