Step 9: STAGE 3: Sewing the Coat--Neck and Waistbands

3. Sew in the neck and waist bands:
Pin the neck and waistbands to the outer layer of the coat, sew into place. Turn the coat inside out and sew the neck band to the neck lining. Turn coat right-side out.

TRICKY PART! The waistband needs to be connected to the lining, but to do that we have to turn the coat inside out again. Only this time the entire coat needs to be pulled out through one of the arm holes so that we don't sew the rest of the coat together inside out.

Reach in through the arm hole and pull the whole coat inside out. Pin the waistband to the lining, sew in place. Flip coat right-side out.

Re-sew the ends of the neck and waistbands to the zipper at either end.