My wife and I were looking through a pet supply catalog and we came upon this rake/pitch-fork thing that was supposed to allow you to pick up dog poo without tearing out the grass or smearing the fresher poo. Since this is what our jaws of life pooper scooper does my wife expressed interest. At $29.95 I wasn't interested, but said what many folks who frequent this site say: "I can make one of those!"

It took longer than expected and caused me a bit of frustration but in the end I did complete a dog excrement extractor. And the price of the one in the catalog promptly dropped to $15.99. But I still came in cheaper.

Step 1: A Little History

My original intention was to use a leftover piece of aluminum stock from my bench vise work protector project as the attachment point for the poo lifting tines. This is what I call Plan A. I tried using epoxy to accomplish this. It didn't work.

Plan B was to use epoxy in a warmer environment. I thought the cold was screwing with the ability of the epoxy to set-up. I was wrong because Plan B didn't work either.

Plan C was to use special metal bonding epoxy. It was special in that it didn't bond worth shit.

Plan D is where I ended up. This entailed ditching the aluminum stock and using a plastic frame filled with epoxy similar to how I made my gutter rake. This worked and will be the version detailed here. Because of these ups and downs I didn't do this project as efficiently as I would have liked. Specifically I would have gotten all the parts built and then epoxied everything together. This is how I'm going to present the project and hopefully it will flow well. However, I think there will be some minor discrepancies between the photos and descriptions because of this. If you would like clarification on a point please feel free to ask.

Plan E would be to try using the aluminum stock again with JB Weld. I didn't think of this until I was half-way done with Plan D.
Yucky, but good Instructable.<br/>And for the list part, you don't have to put @.<br/><br/><ul class="curly"><li>You can do this.</li><br/></ul>How?<br/><br/>(*) Like that.<br/>Without the ( and the ) though.<br/>
Thanks. I always wondered how to do this. Now I'll be editting on lucnh break.

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