Cannibal Pumpkin


Introduction: Cannibal Pumpkin

This is my first instruct able, I made a cannibal pumpkin, a pumpkin eating anothe food, I was originally going to do this with another pumpkin, but we ran out of time and picked up a watermelon instead, I don't have a picture, but you need
-a big pumpkin
-smaller food choice (pumpkin/watermelon)
-big spoon
-pumpkin scooper
-pumpkin carving tools
I had my hands messy for most so the pictures are limited

Step 1: Choose a Pumpkin

Ou want a pumpkin that is big enough to fit a smaller pumpkin on the middle left/right (your choice). My pumpkin was almost a minimum size, and was almost hard to work with

Step 2: Draw Your Face

Make sure to measure the hight and width if you smaller thing, and make the mouth curve down. I made the eye above the big part of the mouth squinting so it looks good to me.

Step 3: Hallow Out

Cut your smaller object to the size you want, I cut mine about 3/4 way from top, I didn't show it but the pumpkin was hallowed out too.

Step 4: Rough Carve

This is just a rough carve, as ou can see, you leave space for the teeth

Step 5: Finish Carve and Strip

Finishing the carve, by rounding of curves and gaps of teeth and then you strip the teeth a and the eyes

Step 6: Add Your Food

Add your food and carve its eyes

Step 7: Show Off

Now your done, put a tea light in it and put it on your porch.



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    Okay, make sure to vote for it though!

    That explanation is true for lots of edible vegetables & fruits. Though one is a squash and the other is a melon, they aren't in the same family.

    Hmm, good question, I would say yea because it is eating another round food that you can hollow out and has seeds and can carve, but its up to you if you carve it. Please vote for it in all contests @odrosehn

    Is it really a cannibal if it's eating a watermelon?

    I would appreciate if you let me know what you thought about it...