Picture of Canning Lid Labels @ TechShop Chandler

This is a tutorial for some laser cut labels for canning jars. I've recently started canning my own tomato sauces, and I wanted to have a label that wouldn't require adhesive. These labels are made to fit the standard size lids, not the wide mouth lides. These instructions are assuming that you are using the Universal Lasers @ TechShop Chandler, and that you have taken the SBU and are familiar with how to operate the machine.

For more information on the TechShop or to schedule a class, visit techshop.ws.

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this project, you will need the Illustrator file provided, painter's tape, and cardstock paper.

gowlery (author) 1 year ago
That's a good suggestion, I'll have to play around with that some. Thanks!
wilgubeast1 year ago

That is beautiful and well-explained overkill. Try naming this with "mason jar lids" and see if it spikes your views (your URL won't change, so experiment as much as you want.)