Picture of Canoe Paddle Weather Vane
We're gonna make a cheap and funky weather vane, aka a wind vane, in the shape of a canoe paddle. Gather your materials from your junk bins and follow along.
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Step 1: Parts is parts

Picture of Parts is parts
paddlevane 30.JPG
paddlevane 07.JPG
Find a fan, a length of pipe and some scrap wood.

Step 2: Remove the fan blades

Picture of Remove the fan blades
paddlevane 06.JPG
paddlevane 10.JPG
paddlevane 09.JPG
Cut away the fan blades to fit your pipe.

Step 3: The rotating parts are done

Picture of The rotating parts are done
paddlevane 13.JPG
paddlevane 18.JPG
This is the essence of your easy rotating wind vane.

Step 4: Assemble and fly

Picture of Assemble and fly
paddlevane .JPG
paddlevane 27.JPG
paddlevane 28.JPG
Copy of stickmop11.JPG
Some screws, a couple of nuts and bolts, and you're ready for the wind.