This is a canoe or kayak carrier modified from a jogging stroller.  The stroller was bought at a garage saie and only required a small bit of re-engineering to create the carrier. This particular brand was made by Dreamer Design and is called Fitness First. The wheels are detachable (great for stowing in a canoe) and the frame is made of aluminum tubing.  Also of note is the parking brake for the back wheels which is used to prevent the carrier from running away while you are trying to saddle it with a canoe.

Step 1: The materials and tools:

The Materials:

1) Stroller; ideally this would be a jogging stroller with detachable wheels and a mechanism to collapse the stroller. The back wheels have a knob that turns the wheel onto and off of the axle. This is a great advantage and something to look for when scouting out a stroller.  The aluminum tubing is also circular.  This makes it easy to cut with a tube cutter.  Many strollers are constructed with elliptical tubing and will require a hack saw or sawzall to make the cuts. Look around and find one that suits your needs.

2)  One piece of wood 3/4''x2 1/4''x 17''' long to use as a cross brace.  This will vary depending on the type of stroller you find and the wood you have available.

3)  Hardware consisting of:
      a)  two 1/4 x 2' bolts with locknuts, washers & wing nuts.
      b) three 3/16'' x 1 1/2'' bolts with locknuts & hex nuts
      c) two 1/8 x 1'' bolts with hex nuts

4)  12' long strap to anchor the canoe to the caddy. You can also use bungee cords or rope.

The Tools:

 1) Miter Saw
 2) Tube cutter
 3) Hammer
 4) Combination Square
 5) Allen wrench set
 6) Tape Measure
 7) File
 8) Center punch
 9) Standard Screwdriver
10) Crescent Wrench
11) Pencil
12) Drill Bits
13) Cordless Drill
<p>these strollers are always being thrown away ! They are a little gold mine for someone with a business idea like this . I'm thinking of using them for front loading cargo bikes. </p>
<p>In bonus mode, you might snap on, or velcro on the seat to the wooded cross board. It can be a three sided bag, or with more material a four sided box.</p>
Genius. Well done!
Congratulations creekrunner, I found this quite useful and smart. It's easy to do and the tools are easy to operate even for not so experienced people like me. I&Acirc;&iquest;ve rated this instructable, keep the good job up!
What a great reuse. Very smart! :D

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