Step 6: Assembling the frame

Picture of Assembling the frame
Slide 2 T-joints onto the handle brace (these are from the chassis). Let these T-joints slide free. Reconnect the handle brace with a 3/16 x 1 1/4'' nut and bolt.

Place the 2 vertical support pieces into the T-joints on the bed/handle brace. Drill and bolt these into place at the top, but leave them free at the bottom.  This way the caddy can be collapsed when stowed in the canoe.

Now slide the end of the front struts onto our new caddy bed (the handle element) and attach using the initial hardware from the stroller.

The bottoms of the vertical supports can now be slipped into the T-joints attached to the axle. This completes the main frame formed by the front struts, the caddy bed, and the vertical supports.  Note that the horizontal bed is above the wheels enabling  a broad boat can be carried.