Picture of Canoeists survival pack
For those who love the outdoors here is a basic survival pack for canoe enthusiasts.

Step 1: Esentials

Picture of esentials
Theres a saying where i come from,never go anywhere in the woods without a good sharp axe.For this instructable i will suggest a hatchet for space saving purposes,although i will recommend an axe(it takes less energy to fall a tree with an axe)a hatchet will suffice.
Next you will need a knife (pic 2).A large hunting knife isn't necessary,a simple short knife with a comfortable handle will be more useful and easy to control,besides you have a hatchet in case any wildlife decide to take a bit out of you.
dasgemuse3 years ago
who makes that knife??? i cant read the name on the blade. i seriously have been searching for one just like it. i NEED to know
Bonz dasgemuse3 years ago
See if this is it:


Usual disclaimers
Xuthal (author)  dasgemuse3 years ago
I forget, Try over at bladforums.com
-p-mccoy-5 years ago
hey great idea what type of hatchet is that ???
Xuthal (author)  -p-mccoy-5 years ago
I'm not sure,i didn't have a camera at the time so i "stole" it from google images.A small hatchet is preferred over a machete since the handle will absorb more energy and the head can withstand constant chopping over a longer period of time.
haroman1456 years ago
throw in a penny stove and put it all in the pot...along with a smalll bottle of heet
Xuthal (author)  haroman1456 years ago
I should have mentioned this instructable is for the seasoned outdoors men.If you can build a fire and find a hooked branch for the pot to hang from there would be no need for the stove.Although it would be preferable in dry conditions where a forest fire is a risk.
sure. it just depends on how you look at it. But a very good instructable indeed.
lemonie6 years ago
Can you post photographs of your pack and it's contents? L