Picture of Canon Camera Costume
Disclaimer: I apologize for the lack of real detailed instructions on how to build this project as I never thought I'd be writing an instructable on it. I do think it gives you enough idea to how to make your own.

If the time spent on preparing for a particular festivity is any indication of how much one loves that celebration, I guess it could be argued that Halloween is my favorite holiday.

So the costume theme at my work was to come dressed as anything that starts with the letter C. Obviously, NSFW costumes are prohibited so get rid of those 4 letter C words from your head. After some contemplation, I tossed around ideas like computer programmer, chameleon, etc. and finally decided to go as a camera. And of course, it had to be a Canon camera.

After a few conceptual drawings and surfing the Canon website, I headed over to Home Depot for some Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pipe. I bounced over to a very common letter delivery company for some cardboard boxes and then started constructing the core of my costume. Late Monday night with only the main structure created, I went to bed with a growing concern as to whether or not Id be able to complete my costume or not. I guess I could always go as a cardboard box&

The next day, I bought more odds and ends for the little embellishments and some colored gift wrapping paper. Later on that night, I realized its the little details like logos, controls and covers that get you. Tired and crabby, I decided to press on and the AlanShot HI808 was finally conceived.

And yes, that is a fully functional flash you are seeing.
cotton6 years ago
2 things dont tek this bad but why make the costume and number 2 why is it so wrinly
rerat cotton6 years ago
1 thing, don't "take this bad" but how old are you? And why does anyone do anything?
cotton rerat6 years ago
not nice
HewgO rerat6 years ago
That was actually two things..
Fasteners6 years ago
Does age really matter? Why ask why?