Damn it! If you takes pictures long enough you're going to crack the glass protecting the LCD screen on your DSLR. I'm pretty careful when I travel with my 5D mark II, I use a pelican case and make sure everything is secure. This crack was caused when I closed the top and one of my gopros put too much pressure on the screen. I didn't know it until I opened the case and you can imagine my horror....

Relieved to know the camera itself was ok, I set off to fix it!

If you take your DSLR to a camera shop it can easily cost upwards of $250 to fix it plus if you live in a smaller city like I do, you have to send it off.

This fix cost about $20 and takes 5 minutes, literally.

Step 1: What You Will Need

There's only a few things you need to repair the glass.

- broken LCD glass (futile attempt at sarcasm)
- heat gun or blow dryer
- small suction cup
- replacement glass for your specific camera LCD. I bought mine at www.dhcameras.com. They have an eBay store and the glass was $10. There are other reputable ones out there also.

Note I generally stay clear of eBay for genuine parts because they usually aren't genuine and delivery from Hong Kong takes forever!! But if I can find a US based seller with a good reputation then I will use them.
<p>Nice fix, gotta love the price tag too. Thanks for sharing!</p>