Hey! This is another version of the Canon wired remote. I think it is more flexible than the other designs. This instructable is where I got my inspiration from.

This basically allows you to take pictures using this remote instead of pushing the button on the camera. The Canon-branded remote is around $25.

This remote uses common parts and requires little soldering. The best part is that the cable is easy to replace - just walk over to a dollar store and buy a longer cable! No soldering required for the extension!

The approximate cost for parts is less than $10!

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Here are the major parts needed:

1) SPST Mini Momentary Pushbutton Switch (4pack from Radioshack), $3.79
2) 3.5mm Phone jack, $1.69 from Fry's
3) 2.5mm to 3.5mm stereo adapter, $1.99, Fry's
4) 3.5mm to 3.5mm extension cable, $2.50, Fry's
5) Icebreakers PACS mint container, $1.50, Target
6) Fresh breath from 5), $0, provided

Minor parts
7) soldering iron, solder wick, etc
8) 26 gauge wire or any wire
9) scissors
<p>Thanks dude, I made one and works like a dream!</p>
the image for the adapter is for a mono adapter, a stereo would have 2 black bands (3 metal parts). <br> <br>Otherwise, good job man
Does anyone know if all remote R.F. shutter releases for Canon Rebels are interchangable? I have a Canon T1i / 500d camera but the sites I have checked list them as compatible with the Xsi &amp; X1i. Very few mention the T1i or the T2i. I&nbsp;think that it's always better to have more choice than less.<br /> Thanks
Would anyone know if this would work with an S3IS, or would I have to go with the CHDK remote? It's so simple it's almost criminal, so my guess is that it won't.
Hi DaveyBaby,<br />The S3IS can only use the CHDK remote. One button, one battery, one cable. There can only be One! (Sorry, lost myself.)<br /><br />David<br />
Please correct me if I'm wrong but can you get a 3/32 phone jack and a 3/32 to 3/32 extension cable and eliminate the 2.5mm to 3.5mm phone stereo adapter.<br/>I'm thinking that 2.5mm = 3/32. I have a Fry's in Indiana but Radio shack is closer. This is a great instructable and the only reason I posted this is because Radioshack did not have the 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter and I think Radioshack has all parts but the adapter. Again please let me know if any of this is wrong.<br/>
Great great work. Just one problem for me, I can't solder! Is there an alternative to soldering?
thanks....this ones is lot easier than the one it's inspired from...I will make one now for my 450d....thanks a lot
Great Instructable! Very well Documented! A few pics of it being made would be nice but most people (my self included) should be able to build this. Thanks! Joe

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