This foot pedal shutter for my Canon EOS 5D mk ii was built out of necessity.

Crafting Instructables all day, I find myself having to photograph my hands engaged in tasks constantly. For most of my projects, I am able to hold my camera and create photos as I build without much hassle, but sometimes I need to capture BOTH hands holding or making something.

For these moments, I was formerly using an intervalometer - a tool that connects to the camera and fires the shutter at a set time interval, but this would leave me with having to sort through 100s of images making sure I got the action I was trying to demonstrate.

Now, with this foot pedal, I find myself being able to capture my images at the precise moment to properly explain my process, without having to sort through 100s of unnecessary images once I've wrapped. The pedal even autofocuses before taking a shot! (Most of the time I'll still shoot with my lens in manual focus and a smaller aperture to make sure I'm getting the right focus.)

If you want to learn more about how to take great pictures, be sure and check out my photography class!

Thanks to randofo for telling me what I needed for this build, his electronics class is amazingly in-depth, and a great way to understand some of the electronic principles of this build.

EDIT**** Enough people were interested in this project, that I decided to list it on Etsy. You can see the listing here.****THANK YOU

What about for a Nikon camera?
<p>I altered the design by using some spare Lemo connectors I had left over from another project. This allows me to change the length of my trigger cable and allows for me to pack it away nicer in my camera gear. Also makes it look more professional when I use it for some shoots.</p>
<p>Oh that's a good idea!</p>
<p>Good one, but how does it work firing both focus and &quot;snap&quot; concurrently?</p><p>This very afternoon, I made a sketch for both a two-stage pedal switch and a two-stage handheld unit (w. different working principles) for the very same purpose (not for myself, as I only have IR trigger), as I've seen a lot of requests for such around the web over the years.While I have no personal experience with cams having a focus function in the remote connector, I'd think that the focus needs time before actually taking the picture(?) and likewise, I'd think that it would be nice to be able to test-focus and then not take the photo (photoitus interruptus ;P), to rearrange either the &quot;target&quot; or the light.</p><p>If that's not really a need(?), then I have plenty of other projects to finish first.</p><p>Would very much appreciate an opinion on that.</p><p>Have a nice day :)</p>
<p>I don't know about the EOS series, but my Canon T5 has a three conductor 2.5 mm jack. The cheapest source of this is usually video+audio out cables from older smaller digital cameras. One of them is ground, and the other two are focus and shutter, so you ground one of the inputs and you focus the camera, then you ground the other and you actually take the shot.<br><br>I suspect that most other systems have a similar scheme - you can typically find the information on the Internet if you search for something like &quot;&lt;brand&gt; &lt;model&gt; external shutter release pinout&quot;</p>
<p>this does not, but if you wanted to hack the foot pedal, it could!</p>

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