Welcome to my first instructable...

I wanted to make a wired remote for my Canon EOS 400D, and the Canon-Wired-Remote wasn't exactly what I had in mind:
- It had 2 buttons (one for focus, one for taking the shot) and not the 2 step (half press) buttons on digital cameras.
- It was just too bulky (sorry videokid842).

I proudly present the marker-pen wired remote for Canon cameras.
The top button is a two step button (pressing it focuses the lens, and pressing harder takes the picture).
The side switch is for bulb mode, keeping the shutter open for as long as it takes (to create those long to make light drawings).

Step 1: Ingredients

Now, for the stuff you'll need to cook the cake:
- Marker pen (the case for the remote) - should be yellow and shiny :-)
- Empty pen (actually you only need the spring, which you can find in any press-to-open ball point pen).
- Board for doing some soldering.
- Two small (as small as you can find) click buttons.
- Small switch (for bulb mode).
- 3/32" stereo jack (connects to camera).
- Stereo audio cable (in my case, I couldn't find any simple stereo cable, so I dug up this USB cable - see pic).
- Two small metal strips (should be at least about 2-2.5cm long).

In addition you'll need:
- Some tools (screw driver, pliers for bending the strips, sharp cutting knife/xacto knife, etc.)
- Soldering iron and solder.
- Hot glue gun.
- Crazy hot-glue skillz (which I lack -- see further steps, not the cleanest job I've done).
- Patience (ohhh, you'll need it...)
How hard do you think it would be to add a headphone jack to the marker base so that you could use a male to male headphone jack? That way you could put the pen in you pocket. It would be quite a sight to see a guy pull a pen out of his pocket, plug in a wire to the bottom of it and hook it all up to his camera.
That actually sounds like a good idea. It will also allow you to replace the cable if it is faulty or if you made a too thick cable and wish you've gone with the thinner one (errrr.... :-) ).
Actually, a stereo cable would be better. It is much more flexible andif it is already attached to the correct jack, then it is perfect. Ithink you can get it from a cheap earphones. Just be sure the connectoris the tiny one, not the bigger more standard of most MP3 players,walkmans, sound-cards, etc. there are 3 sizes of stereo jacks AFAIK andyou need the tiny one.<br />
that is such clean work. AWESOME well done good job. nice.
great work
Nice! Too bad I don't have a digital slr. I went back to film a few months ago
Very Cool! Great Job! Looks like a perfect case and instructable! Thanks Joe
Incredible detail Great photography - detailed, well lit, in focus I always thought is was a bit odd that the DSLR itself has that intuitive ½ steps system, but the remote has 2 buttons Nice addition of the bulb button Well done

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