Many Canon Pixma printers have the ability to print directly on CD and DVD disks but have been disabled by Canon. Enabling the printer itself is easy, but you are still left without the OEM disk tray.

UPDATE.  The link for the image is now available here: http://www.mediafire.com/?9cus1a0b3hcg48x

This tutorial shows how to make one for a few bucks if anything at all, as the materials are pretty common.

The initial idea was found on StevesForums.

Step 1: Gather the Tools & Materials.

Materials needed are as follows:

1. DVD Case (AOL does come in handy).
2. Thin (flexible) plastic binder. Both plastics may be substituted with heavy (but thin) cardboard/matte-board.
3. Adhesive spray or fixative. Artists adhesive works, but I found that carpet adhesive works much better as it is more flexible.
4. Small piece of aluminum foil.
5. The CD Disk Tray template (right-click, "Save Link As").

The tools are as follows:

1. Razer blade.
2. Ruler.
3. Band-aids are optional but come in handy when the razor gets your finger. Trust me.

<p>is it possible to print on cd/dvd in canon pixma mg3570 printer ?</p>
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link for the template is dead
Here's the new link. Sorry about that! http://www.mediafire.com/?9cus1a0b3hcg48x
I would like to try this, but the pattern link is still not working. Is there any way I can get that?
Sorry I've been MIA for so long. The original hosting site no longer exists, but I was able to find the file. It's now online at http://www.mediafire.com/?9cus1a0b3hcg48x . If this one disappears just let me know!
Pls, I have the original tray for pixma IP 4300, but it do not work with IP4200, when try to print, load the tray and reject without print. In your picture link, it is broken, so I can not compare you device with my CD tray to copy the back side. I need to see for add small square windows with metal foil.<br>My email is mshtamoff@videonet-tv.com.ar. Thanks in advance
I have a Pixma MP600R EU version, SO I had to make some modification in the template, everthing seems to be allright following the original CD disk tray F, but for somehow the printer rejects it everytime, I made a second one with the square holes precisly as the original but even so the printer rejects it. Any ideia, any sugestion will be very apreciated. I really don't want to pay &euro; 25~30 for a piece of plastic.<br><br>PS. my printer is already enabled for disc printing (EU version) , I lost my disk tray
I found the problem!! the disc tray was to thin about 1.5mm, so I glued 2 pieces of paper (A4) and cutted the left margins That made the cd tray exactly 2mm. it just worked!!!! Now I just have to align it!!!
Hey Drywater, thanks for sharing! Thanks to you I don't have to pay for the disck tray wich is expensieve. Thanks pal!!!!!
----- I have an ORIGINAL CANON CD TRAY available for sale. It was a pain in the butt to get, but I got it. BRAND NEW and UNUSED.<br /> <br /> msg me or post your email address and offer. thanks<br />
Is your CD tray still available and does it fit Canon Pixma IP6600D model<br /> <br /> &pound;15.00 including carriage?<br /> <br /> miketoone@aol.com<br /> <br /> <br />
Does anyone know what the max thickness should be or what thickness works? And if the cd is flush with the tray or stands proud? It also looks like there are no small clips in the center of any of the home made trays. Wont there be an issue with shifting or rotating slightly?
I am not sure of the max thickness but mine is about 0.2 cm total thickness. I should update this instructable now as I have found sheetmetal to work much better than the clear plastic show in this instructable. I still use the black plastic to make the hole in (then adhere to the metal) as it's much easier to cut than the sheet metal. The CD does not need to be flush as long as it is low enough to pass through the printer. The black part is just to keep it from moving around. In my current tray the disk sits just above flush of the black layer (so with the disk it is just over 0.2 cm). I am planning on sanding the back side of the sheet metal a bit to get it the total height (with the disk) to be closer to 0.2 cm and not as high. The only reason is because the rollers press the disk a bit too much so if looked at in the right light you can see the wide tracks on the disk. Of course it is not high enough to catch the print head so it is perfectly safe but if it were a bit more low profile I think the final output would be better than perfect. The tray only needs to keep the disk from moving around and is not needed to prevent it from rotating. The printer has wide rollers that keep pressure on the disk (further inside the printer) so there is absolutely no rotating at all (at least with mine, which I believe should be the same with all). Even if the disk was able to move around in the tray a bit it would not shift inside the printer. The only reason you want it as snug as possible as so that you can align the printer using UndercoverXP (or whatever other software) and keep it consistent.
Also, I think if it it too tall it will jam right away before entering the printer so at least it shouldn't jam inside. Though I'm sure even jamming outside the printer is not too good for the printer :)
You ROCK baby!!!!!!!! Canon's been a sucky company for a long time. They design and manufacture good products but don't seem to actually care about their customers. What a concept!!!! They're only successful because their products don't suck even though they do...........Go figure? If Nikon made printers that printed labels on CD's/DVD's Canon would see the light. Like I said, SUCKY!!!!!!!
The area around the 3 reflective squares needs to be black. I used your template and made one out of white cardboard and was getting rejected. I used a black sharpie to color from about an inch below squares to end...about two inches total. I tried again and success. Must be black around reflective squares.
hi inks expensive for kids kin thar be a test cd image submited that will print the outline only to a test zeroing standard in maqybe light to medium green or ami all wronge i suppose this is an inkjet priter i suppose this isnt something of a laser nature huh???? what say compass 30 thousanths smaller then cd to paper to scanner the use as center test print image?
Update. I found that using the spray adhesive does NOT last over time. Both plastics slowly came apart and needed to be taped to keep them together. I also found that the lower piece tends to bend easily and began to warp (maybe due to them loosening). I am going to try a piece of sheet metal and will let you know how it works. The bottom piece just cannot be too thick or the print heads will hit the disk, ensuring damage.
Two Questions... 1. Do the 3 little squares have to be squares? What about using a hole punch and not trimming them to squares? 2. Does the LENGTH of either layer really matter? Can the top layer be the same as the bottom? Can they be a bit shorter (1-2 inches) than the template? Thanks, Beowulf
Hi,<br/><br/>Thanks for checking the tutorial out.<br/><br/>I do believe the holes must be square but I am not positive. When researching I have always found advice to keep them square and so have always done it myself. Maybe someone else knows for sure? I find cutting the squares to be very easy using a razor (that is if you are using a DVD case as I did). If you are using something else that needs to be drilled it wouldn't hurt to drill round holes first as you can always try it to see.<br/><br/>As for the size: no, it should not make a difference. I found that if they are too long they can weigh the end down (the end sticking out of the printer as it is being printed) which tends to warp the plastic over time (this happened to mine. However if it is too short that is goes entirely into the printer it is <em>possible</em> to have it shift just enough to jam as it ejects, if it is not cut precisely.<br/><br/>Let me know if you have any other questions or suggestions. Let me know if they can be round if you try.<br/>
Is there a list of Canon models that this can be used on? I don't know if this will work on my i960.
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/E3N23Z9Z5VEYVZE84X/">This</a> is my tutorial on enabling the printer. It will give you an idea of whether yours can be modded or not.<br/>
I did a quick search online and it looks like the i960 can be altered but I am not certain. Just look to see if there is a plastic cover where the disk would insert.<br/><br/>Here are the models I know for sure work (<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.belightsoft.com/products/resources/dcoverprinters.php">source</a>):<br/>Canon PIXMA iP3000<br/>Canon PIXMA iP4000<br/>Canon PIXMA iP4200<br/>Canon PIXMA iP4300<br/>Canon PIXMA iP5000<br/>Canon PIXMA iP5200R<br/>Canon PIXMA iP6600D<br/>Canon PIXMA iP8500<br/>Canon PIXMA MP500<br/>Canon PIXMA MP600<br/>Canon PIXMA MP750<br/>Canon PIXMA MP780<br/>Canon PIXMA MP800<br/>Canon i865<br/>Canon i965<br/><br/>There MAY be different trays for different printers. This tray is called a &quot;B&quot; type tray and I believe is the most common. I am sure there is a more extensive list out there but I don't have it, anyone else?<br/>
very handy. i have a pixma and like you i have no cd tray but i guess i do now . thanks
I'm glad you like it. This is only my second instructable so comments and suggestions are welcome!
Good job, thanks. There are some printers able of being used this way. Pity that mine is not one of those, because the paper enters for ahead, it is wound and it leaves again for ahead.
i dont know what this is i just thank you for not making a repost

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