Introduction: Canon Rebel Equipment Autopsy

This is a Equipment Autopsy of a Canon Rebel camera. During this, Chris will be dismantling the whole camera, and it's lens assembly, and explaining most parts that he knows. His attempts at dismantling the lens are humerous at times, for example, when he gets his "Precision Lens Tool" out, hehe. (watch the video to see what I am referring to)

The Equipment Autopsy series, has had many different types of machines, electronics etc. being dismantled. some of the things that have been autopsied are:
* GE Transmitter
* High Voltage transformer (that was in oil)
* Canon Rebel
(More that I can't recall at the present moment)

All the Equipment autopsy videos, and a countless number of other videos can be found on The Geek Group's Youtube channel. Their website has many pages on all their projects ranging from HV things like many of the Tesla Coils, and Thumper to things like their Worlds Largest Newton's Cradle and their Wardriving Research Geekmobiles. Check out their website here. If you would like to hang out in the forums with fellow geeks, Join the forums here. See you in there



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