Hi there, Today I will share all of you to make DIY Canon Remote Shutter from Car Charger.

The Equipment needed is :

1. Old Car Charger
2. Solder
3. Relay Button
4. Adapter 2,5 mm

Step 1: Open Car Charger

If you have old/used car charger do not throw it at garbage. You may make some DIY project like I did..
First Thing that you must open the car charger.. and cut the cable to small board, I used different picture of car charger to make it, cause i bought it just for almost  10.000 Rupiah (1 USD) for  4 Item.

Hi Amanda, <br> <br>You may ask to local electronic store.. u can ask them for it.. It's looks the same as switch button.
where did you get the special button for half presses?

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