Facebook; being quite an idyllic social networking platform, has achieved reputation to a tremendous level on the part of internet users. Facebook account can be accessed anytime anywhere by registered users to create or share posts, images and videos on the FB wall as well as other activities such as Facebook business page creation, profile image updating, account setting modifications with much more to follow. Facebook customer support team is active every time to assist users at its best when it comes to resolving their queries or fix their troubles such as sign-in problems, password change or reset issues, recuperating hacked Facebook account, upgrading Facebook messenger to latest version and much more.

Really Troubled with Facebook Account Not Found Issue!! Get It Sorted Here on.

Apart from all these things, there is one single problem that has been haunting many FB users to a huge extent from past many days, say 2-3 weeks. The issue is that users are not able to find their personal or official Facebook account even after searching in Find your Account page. If you are one among those users who have been facing this similar problem and are not able to contact Facebook customer care team to get instant results, then you have right to be anxious regarding this resolution of this issues. But you should take it otherwise and start thinking that this problem cannot be resolved.

Many people say “How do I contact Facebook customer care” as there is no option that can be seen to find a Facebook account using Find your account page. There are certainly other ways to find your Facebook account. In the absence of official Facebook customer support number, you should not feel dejected and instead try to implement the steps mentioned below as revealed by Facebook Inc that can help in finding your account without much hassle.

Here are the steps that can help you access Facebook account with ease even if you are not able to find your personal or official FB account from the official Facebook page:

· Have a word with your friend and tell him/her to go to the about us section of your Facebook page and send you the phone number and email address which you do not remember now which was used during FB account sign-up process long time back.

· Now try entering the phone number or email address in find your account page option one at the time that you own as there is a possibility that the details may have been modified and you have forgotten after associating the same with FB.

· Check your username as it is also mentioned in the URL of your Facebook account.

https://www.facebook.com/your _username

In case you are not able to find this as well, just let you friend know about it and tell him to provide the username in that URL.

· Try entering variations that you remember related with your name so that anyone can be the user name that can help you fetch the Facebook account page.

These above-mentioned steps can be quite effective if implemented properly as it can help you fetch the authentic username of your personal or official FB account with ease. As you cannot contact tech support experts on phone dialing official Facebook Customer Service Number which is not yet launched by FB, but these steps can be really helpful for you to fetch the Facebook account page in quick time.

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<p>I am using the Facebook account from many times. Definitely, this information is helpful for everyone.<br></p>
<p>I find this blog informative to find the Facebook account and I must say just go through it if anyone have such problem.</p>
<p>Your article proivde complete informaton that how user can get back his lost account back and resolved issues related to facebook account. Thanks for shairng this informative information. </p>

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