Picture of Cantaloupe Monkey Face
Wanna spice up your summer dinning table? Make the kids want to eat more fruit? Need a shower of compliments from your guests a-la 'you are better than Martha Stewart!'?

These mundane problems and more can be solved with one monkey face! All you need is a cantaloupe, a serving dish and couple of plums. Let's get started!

Prep time: 10 mins
Entertainment time: sky is your limit
Ingredients: 1 cantaloupe, two plums
Tools: serving plate, knife, spoon and cutting board

Step 1: Cantaloupe Prep

Picture of Cantaloupe Prep
First, cut the cantaloupe in half. Use a spoon to clean out the seeds. Discard seeds into your compost pile.
really cute!
canida6 years ago
This is awesome! I'm betting it would work equally well with bananas, too.
Mr.NHRA6 years ago
you got this from the tale of desparo huh
Skyfinity6 years ago
Some people say you Cantaloupe, but nobody says you can't make a monkey face with it! Nice job!