Picture of Cantaloupe Monkey Face
Wanna spice up your summer dinning table? Make the kids want to eat more fruit? Need a shower of compliments from your guests a-la 'you are better than Martha Stewart!'?

These mundane problems and more can be solved with one monkey face! All you need is a cantaloupe, a serving dish and couple of plums. Let's get started!

Prep time: 10 mins
Entertainment time: sky is your limit
Ingredients: 1 cantaloupe, two plums
Tools: serving plate, knife, spoon and cutting board

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Step 1: Cantaloupe Prep

Picture of Cantaloupe Prep
First, cut the cantaloupe in half. Use a spoon to clean out the seeds. Discard seeds into your compost pile.

Step 2: Wedges, baby, wedges!

Picture of Wedges, baby, wedges!
You will need a minimum of 9 wedges, each approximately one inch wide. If you cut each half in half (that gives you quarters) and each quarter in half, that will give you 8 pieces. Do not peel the skin!

Step 3: Three Skins Down!

Picture of Three Skins Down!
First, you make the upper part of the monkey face. Take a serving platter. Either square or oval/round should work. Select three winners - thicker wedges and place them on the platter - skin down! Make space for the lips, so place wedges off center.

Step 4: Two Skin Up!

Picture of Two Skin Up!
Take a wedge, put it skin up in between existing wedges. Repeat.

Step 5: Ears anyone?

Picture of Ears anyone?
Get another wedge and put it to the left - it makes one ear! Repeat to give it ear #2 - both are important!

Step 6: There Is Nothing Like Monkey Lips!

Picture of There Is Nothing Like Monkey Lips!
Place two wedges flesh facing each other on the second side of the plate. It makes beautiful monkey lips!

Step 7: I spy - monkey face!

Picture of I spy - monkey face!
Yes, it's coming all together! If you mastered making thinner slices and you have extras, you may always insert them in the same fashion - skin down/skin up - till you run out of pieces. I managed to cut a total of 11 pieces out of my cantaloupe and it's looking pretty good so far! Don't go yet, grand finale is a head of you!

Step 8: Eyes Are Precious!

Picture of Eyes Are Precious!
Got a couple of plums? Or strawberries, blueberries, M&Ms? Anything round would do it. Give your monkey the gift of sight in the sweetest form you can manage!
really cute!
canida6 years ago
This is awesome! I'm betting it would work equally well with bananas, too.
Mr.NHRA6 years ago
you got this from the tale of desparo huh
Skyfinity6 years ago
Some people say you Cantaloupe, but nobody says you can't make a monkey face with it! Nice job!