Step 9: Shelf Installation

Installation is again, pretty straightforward.  There are no fixed dimensions for how to lay these supports out - just do what you think looks best and supports the shelves considering the amount of weight you plan to have on them (these aren't book shelves, BTW).  As I mentioned before, I used 3/16" thick tempered glass shelves that are 8" wide - which I think is about the limit of how far I would allow these shelves to overhang on supports with the dimensions I built.  I installed 24" shelves with 2 supports, and 44" shelves with 3 supports, and I'd feel fairly comfortable with up to 15-20lbs of well-distributed weight on them - and by "well-distributed" I mean spread out with most of the weight between the center and back edge of the shelf.  They could probably hold quite a bit more, but I'm not going to push it ;)

I laid out a rough grid indicating where I thought I'd want supports and used blue painter's tape to get an idea of where they'd be.  After making a few adjustments in spacing (moving the tape around), I had a good idea where I wanted the supports, and put pieces of blue tape in the approximate positions.  Using the tape allows you to do all your marking of the exact position on the tape, so you're not marking up your wall with pencil lines you'll have to clean off later.  I also used a piece of thread stretched between push pins as a layout aid to make sure that all the supports at a particular height were mounted at the same level. 

Once positions are marked, I installed screw-in drywall anchors and their anchor screws making sure that the drywall anchors were as flush to the wall as possible.  Next, hang the shelf supports (with the glass clips loose) on the anchor screws.  Adjust the screws in and out until the support has a snug fit against the wall - but not a tight fit.  You want the supports to bottom out on the anchor screw for a nice solid mount.  Once the supports are in place, slide the glass shelf into the glass clips (which should be a little loose) and adjust the shelf side to side to the desired position.  Next take blue painter's tape and tape the clips to the glass shelf - locking them in position.  Lift the shelf with the supports off the wall and flip it outer-edge down.  Make sure the clips are fully seated against the back of the shelf and tighten the screw.  The clips will snug up against the glass and hold it firmly.  Peel the tape off, wipe down the shelf, and hang it back on the wall.  You may need a few gentle taps of a rubber mallet to make sure the supports are fully seated on the anchor screws, but most will slide down for a snug fit.

That should be about it!  You now have some new super-cool glass shelves :)
Pretty! Great job &amp; I'ble! <br> <br>Y.
Great project!! Nicely executed. <br>And I agree with you on your TS Disclaimer. The best piece of safety equipment a person has is the one between their ears.
A beautiful project. You mention aluminum angles. Where do those go and and what is their purpose? I don't see another reference to them in the steps. Am I missing it? And what glass clips? Obviously, I know what those are, but where are those positioned? How are they secured? I understand how the keyhole hangers work, but I would have liked a pic or two showing mounting and assembly.<br><br>I already have some tempered glass shelves and have been looking for a stylish way to mount them on the wall. This is just what I had in mind.<br><br>Thanks!
The &quot;glass clips&quot; are made from pieces of aluminum angle stock. I cut them to size, sanded the edges, cleaned up with a file and then clear-coated them (See <strong>Step 5</strong>).<br> <br> https://www.instructables.com/id/Cantilever-Glass-Shelving/step5/Making-the-Glass-Clips/<br> <br> There are more pictures at <strong>Step 8</strong> showing the orientation and installed relationship of these pieces of aluminum angle - or &quot;glass clips&quot; as I call them.&nbsp;<br> <br> https://www.instructables.com/id/Cantilever-Glass-Shelving/step8/Install-Glass-Clips/<br> <br> If you look at the 6th picture on <strong>Step 9</strong> you'll see a fully installed &quot;glass clip&quot; fastened to the support via a screw through the back.&nbsp; <strong>Step 9</strong> is dedicated to the installation and assembly of the shelves and the supports - I think you'll find what you're looking for there:<br> <br> Step 9: https://www.instructables.com/id/Cantilever-Glass-Shelving/step9/Shelf-Installation/
Gerry36 says; <br>This is an excellent instructable, with great attention to detail, as previously noted. The design of the brackets is top class, and the making well thought through.The use of glass for the display is also an ideal choice, and the placing well planned.
I appreciate your attention to detail. Very well done.
Beautiful work and a fantastic ible. Thanks muchly.
Yeah great idea, thumb up !
Great ible, thanks for being so clear and making it look professional. I just ordered some of those Vix Bits, can't wait to use them!
&quot;Elegant&quot; is perfect description!
Amazing effort. Thanks for sharing.
Nice. It looks very good.
Very nice, good work, great ible. Thanks for sharing
love them
The design of your wood mounts, when you could have just opted for plain wood blocks, is really fantastic and they look great.
Outstanding.<br><br>Beautiful effect and I really enjoyed your 'instructable style' and pictures.<br><br>This is like some of the projects that I've created - in our mass produced world - no one will ever know the amount of time and creativity that you put into creating them .. <br><br>They are elegant. Well done.
really nice woodworking. I like it

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