Picture of Cantilever night stand (with USB charging)
This is a great simple to build nightstand that looks very futuristic and is very practical. You can buy everything you need at Home Depot, and can build the whole table in two days (depending on how long it takes for the stain to dry). A special addition of this table: it has a USB charger plug built in! I'll explain how to wire a plug in this instructable. 
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Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools
Here are the power tools you will need:

Jig saw (or dremel/router)
Circular saw (or table saw, or jig saw)
A ton of clamps 

Hand tools:

Screw driver (umm...if you don't have one, buy one anyways)
Mallet and wood chisel (helpful to make grooves)

Step 2: Parts

Picture of Parts
You're going to need the following parts to build the table:

3/4" x 24" x 72"  laminated pine
USB charger outlet 
Satin-Nickel plug plate
Cedar Naturaltone stain
1-5/8" Screws, Tan
lack power cord
 gang old-work receptacle 

1/4" anything. Acrylic, wood, granite, glass, carbon fiber...etc. I used acrylic. 

Step 3: Start cutting!

Picture of Start cutting!
Here is where the fun begins. First, let's mark the side boards. First, you want to start cutting the sides. Mark a line across the board at 30" and cut across. Then, using 30" piece, markup the first side (using the picture). Make sure to mark the place for the shelves! If you don't, it is really had to do this afterward. Cutout the first side, then markup the second side by flipping the diagram and fitting next to the angle cut you just made. 
BigMrTree2 years ago
Wow, nice job!! This is an awesome piece. Great design and useful as well. I've got a couple pieces of glass I salvaged from some old scanners, I believe I just found a good use for them!!
samr37l (author)  BigMrTree2 years ago
Oh, that's a great idea! Depending on how heavy the glass is, you might want to make the angle larger to make sure the whole thing doesn't fall over.