Canvas Appliques on a Vinyl Wallet





Introduction: Canvas Appliques on a Vinyl Wallet

My latest score: A stack of groovy vinyl wallets on clearance! You know I scooped all those babies up in a breathtaking moment of joy! Painting on vinyl is doable with the right paints, but I wanted to do something different. I used Sticky Back Canvas because I had plenty on hand. I penciled the designs and then used my Crafty Chica® Tango Permanent Fabric Markers™ to outline and color the flowers and shapes.

Cut out the shapes. I used pinking shears because I like the look of it.

Peel the canvas away from the backing and place on the surface. WAIT: Before you place it, try out the different shapes in in different ways on the surface until you like what you see.

Next, and most important - you have to SEAL the edges and accent the designs. To do this, get a bottle of Tulip® 3D Fashion Paint (Black Slick). Draw over the outlines. This will give definition and texture. Also, add little dots all around the edges to make sure the canvas will not peel up. Once the paint dries, that applique is on there forever!

Last, you want to make the appliques waterproof! Coat with a layer of glossy Collage Pauge® Instant Decoupage.



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Love your ideas! Simple and looks absolutely fun! Great gift idea! Mahalo..

Hi Kathy! is great find you here, too! :D... I love this project since the first time I saw it!