I had this really great inflatable camping chair that I accidentally popped one afternoon while I used it to sit on the garage floor and disassemble a VCR.

This incident greatly deflated my spirits, and set me out on a quest to create a replacement chair that wouldn't pop. And by-golly, I have done so! Now I can take apart all kinds of found electronics on my garage floor without having to worry about my chair deflating.

It can also be used for camping (obviously) and the beach.

Step 1: Go Get Stuff.

You will need...

- 24" x 100" worth of canvas (or equivalent - so long as one piece is at least 38" long)
- 6 yards of 1" wide nylon strapping
- 2 strap adjusters for 1" nylon strapping
- 6 pieces of 1" thick foam measuring 20" x 18" (or larger sheet for trimming to size)
- 4 poles that are 16" long x 3/8" diameter (any strong material with little give will do)
- black thread

- A sewing machine
- Scissors
- A yard stick or tape measure
- Sewing pins
- Something to melt the ends of nylon strapping (optional)
<p>I've been eyeing a Crazy Creek chair for Philmont, but don't like the weight.</p><p>How well does your design work without the foam?</p>
You can't really do the last step. There is no part on earth that is free from noise caused by human made technology.
Really???????? Does that mean you have SUPERPOWER hearing?! ROFLMAO!<br><br>There are plenty of places, that are quiet, peaceful and tranquil,...................... though there will ALWAYS be litter......
it never fails to amaze me how many dead helium balloons i find on mountaintops.
<p>In the Italian Alps peaks I was astounded to find so many pieces of twisted aluminium - crashed aircraft.</p>
He found a place.<br />
im sorry, but if you cant find your space, thats too bad for you!
You ought to get out more. Or, at least, farther. And I don't necessarily mean physically.
Not being funny---great to wear on back in Mt lion country. <br>would have saved some peeps thaf got attacked. <br>also would cut down on injuries !!!! <br>GREAT
wow it is wonderfull.
For those times when you don't have even this chair, but your back is killing you after rucking all day, two people sitting back to back works great.
That looks easy and WAY practical!
Hey you look like my double, okay i have shorter hair, but ... I seen your picture and thought it was me. BTW: nice t-shirt.
This reminds me a bit of my Crazy Creek chair from Philmont. I like how it is a lot sturdier though, I may build one of these for summer camp.
how did you make that? that must have been a pain to carry for 10 days if it wasnt all that light
Whenever you're stuffing something that's to be used for camping/outdoors, think about using some old clothes you'd otherwise throw out/donate (or not nice enough to donate) so that in a pinch you can have a spare shirt that's dryer or cleaner (if the thing is built right) or warmer than you started with, should any adventures pop up.
I wonder if an old back pack could be re-purposed for something like this too .
What a good design, Randy!
One can usually buy old poly fill pillows at thrift stores which are usually under $5 and find fabric there as well. I often find large canvas scraps and heavy duty upholstery fabrics as well as luggage straps - old luggage can be disassemble for the straps and the wheels. Just grap em when you see them and create a parts shelf.
now all you need is a 50 cal and you'll be a true camper lol also where do you get canvas (like the craft store) how much $?
I prefer to be in the outdoors without the firearms. Any craft store or discount fabric center should have it. It shouldn't cost any more than $6 a yard.
You can find it at Wal-Mart as well (generally for cheaper).&nbsp; Canvas and cotton duck are the same thing.&nbsp; Just look at the heavy-duty stuff.<br />
&nbsp;U look like Shawn White!
tires make excellent chairs
Where is that that shot of you taken?
North end of San Francisco. It's amazingly sparse up there.
This chair would be great for stadium seating, like when I spend hours at my sons' swim meets.
You mean 46" of strapping, not fabric... right?
you could leave the foam out alltogether and just pu a few strips of wood or metal, the it could fold up and would work for hicking too.
love your idea or you could put a tad bit of foam over the wood and then its more comfortable
i have an old broken camp chair, maybe i can make this into a raised chair, thanks for the idea
Nice job, I like your Instructables Robot T-Shirt.
Your chair made my day! This will be great for kayaking.
Nice job, Randofo!

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