Picture of Capacitive stylus ANYONE can make
There are plenty of instructables out there about making a capacitive stylus, so why choose this?
In this instructable you only need things that any ordinary person has in their house. No more dealing with $100 slime thats only available from a remote island in south africa, just plain, household junk.

Sorry for the bad picture quality, i was using my iPod.

Step 1: Materials

You will need 

- Pencils

- A file

- The lid of a margarine tub or similar lid 

- A small mixing bowl ( Aprox. 1 cup )

- Something to mix with

- Something to be the shaft of your stylus

- Craft glue

- A knife

- A candle

- A drill bit (Preferably with a drill)
james.quirk.3510 months ago

Can this be made into more of a point? I hate feeling like I'm drawing with a kindergarten crayon.

One question, if you don't mind, is it hard? Because I wouldn't want to scratch my screen.
jamieinvents (author)  TheHumanWhiz1 year ago
It is hard. It becomes about the same as solid glue. When I used it it did not scratch my screen but if your worried about that then definitely use caution.
beatmakers2 years ago
woa super cool!
ppérez152 years ago
Thanks for the help :)
ppérez152 years ago
Hi! I would like to know what kind of file is that? I see a peace of metal is that correct?
jamieinvents (author)  ppérez152 years ago
Yes, it is a metal file. I can't remember exactly what type of file it is but any metal file will work as long as it isn't too coarse.
quatch3 years ago
Will it work if you varnish the tip (I'd guess so?), that way you wouldn't be drawing with graphite wax on everything :P

To help with the needing to touch it, glue aluminum foil in a strip down the shaft, like they do with copper tape in the http://www.ladyada.net/make/drawdio/index.html
jamieinvents (author)  quatch3 years ago
I'm not sure about the varnish, it's a fairly weak stylus already so the varnish could weaken it, but I've never tried. The graphite dries and doesn't come off much do leaving pencil marks isn't much of a problem.

I had not thought of foil tape... I will see if I have any "Allumitape" left from some other stuff :)