Picture of Capacitor Car
We followed this method to help figure out the way to build the Solar-powered Capacitor Car. We went through several early ideas until we came up with the idea for a 3D printed car. 
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Step 1: The Chassis

We printed out the chassis using a 3D printer. The dimensions are as follows for the entire chassis. 5" x 3" (Open the file in Solidworks and 3D print)

Step 2: The Front Wheels

Picture of The Front Wheels
The front wheel (Click Here) is bought online at Pitsco Education. the diameter is 1.475 inches

Step 3: The Motor

Picture of The Motor
We used a small erector set motor. Any small electric motor can be used. 

Step 4: The Capacitor

Picture of The Capacitor
We used a small capacitor off of DigiKey. It is 5 volts and 1 farad. 

Step 5: The Switch

Picture of The Switch
The Switch is a basic Honeywell snap-action switch (Click Here)

Step 6: The Back Wheels

Picture of The Back Wheels
The Back Wheels were designed on Solidworks and 3D printed. the diameter is 2.535 inches

Step 7: The Pulley Combination

Picture of The Pulley Combination
image (3).jpeg
We used a 4:1 pulley combination ( 2 inches to 0.5 inch) They 0.5 inch pulley piece is on the motor, with the larger piece on the rear axle. 

Step 8: The Front and Rear Axle

Picture of The Front and Rear Axle
image (8).jpeg
The length of the rear axle is 5.36 inches and the front axle is 5 inches long. We took welding rods and lathed them until they fit into the holes.(About 1.6 inch diameter)

Step 9: The Final Product

Picture of The Final Product
Combine all the parts as shown in the final picture. Charge the capacitor and watch it go!
Kiteman2 years ago
How fast does it go? Any chance of a video?