Step 5: Using

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(After checking to make sure it is discharged!) Straighten out leads on the capacitor that was previously unsoldered from the circuit board. Trim the leads down to about 1.5 cm and bend them so then will easily fit in the syringe tips.

Insert a battery into the charger, and you are ready to go.


1. Insert a fully discharged 330v flash capacitor into the syringe tips. Make sure the capacitor has proper polar alignment with the charger.

2. Push and hold the button until the LED illuminates.

3. Remove the capacitor.

Uses for a charged capacitor:

- You shall see
what of you overcharge the capacitor? what happens?
Dwarg7 years ago
gotta add this in, (clears throat) BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!111one!!!
sethman Dwarg6 years ago
what does it do
 It does what it says it does, charge a capacitor