I ran across a situation where I needed to provide a rigid support system for a drip line made of capillary tubing. The biggest issue was not to kink the tubing as it is rather fragile. Fig1 shows an O.D. of just 1.57mm and Fig2 gives a good view from the end-on. What I needed was something that would allow for some movement yet keep the tubing from getting kinked or knocked about.

Step 1: Desperation

Out of sheer desperation & after having kinked the line more times than I'd like to admit, I opted to route the tubing through some eye screws till a better solution came along. Then it occurred to me that if I soldered a bit of larger tubing into that eye screw, it would provide the support needed while allowing the capillary tubing to flex a bit.
Variations of this can be used to run tension cables and wiring for example. In this case, I ran drip line to provide drinking water for our honey bees.

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