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I love making things out of empty Capri Sun drink containers. The packaging is shiny, colorful, and almost indestructable. Unfortunately, the indestructability also prevents regular recyclers from re-using them. So, what to do with the containers? Make some great wallets! I've made dozens of these in various designs and given them away. Here's one of my favorite designs, suitable for guys or gals, big or small.

Notes:  (1) Backstitch 2 or 3 stitches at the beginning and end of the seams to secure them; and (2) sorry for the glare in the photos - those juice bags are so shiny, my phone camera is not high-quality, this is my first Instructable, blah, blah.....enjoy.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Materials needed for one wallet:

1. 3 or 4 clean Capri-Sun containers; a few extras are good for mistakes
2. Sewing machine
3. Scissors
4. Ruler & pen
6. 1 or 2 sheets of cardstock for templates
5. Stick-on velcro tape (optional)

gwebisu (author) 4 years ago
Here is the description of the pouch material from the Capri Sun manufacturer:

"CAPRI SUN pouches are polyester-reverse side printed to aluminum then laminated to polyethylene (a plastic polymer). Unfortunately, this packaging is not recyclable. "
brianashe gwebisu7 months ago

Capri Sun pouches can now (3 years later) be recycled. The back of current boxes talks about their program through terracycle.net. You can even get money if your school collects lots of pouches. (I think it's about $20 per 430 empty pouches.)


I wonder if the foil in the pouch makes them RFID proof?
I wondered the same thing. Somebody make one and test it out! These look spectacular.
why would you want to risk a credit card?!?!
There is no risk.

The comment was merely referring it as a possible EM shield.
I also would like to know this will stop EMF getting though.

I did some testing with empty pouches and my RFID entry badge at work. Each layer of foil reduces the reader's range so it will offer some protection but it's not complete. In air, my badge can be read from about 8 inches away. At six layers (3 flattened pouches) I had to get the badge to within 1/2 inch to be read.

gwebisu (author)  wilgubeast4 years ago
Thank you! The description of the pouch material from Capri Sun is below-- but, sorry, I do not know the RFID answer, though.
gwebisu (author)  shantinath10004 years ago
The description of the pouch material from Capri Sun is below-- but, sorry, I do not know the RFID answer
pfisk11 year ago
Do you need to use a special needle or special thread? I'm a beginner quilter and I just don't want to break my needles or not have the thread be strong enough!
gwebisu (author)  pfisk11 year ago
Hi--Standard needles and thread are fine, i use the smallest needle I have, usually a 9 or 11. Have fun!
sgariano2 years ago
This looks like fun and my kids can help. Could be a great fund raiser for youth groups too!
gwebisu (author)  sgariano2 years ago
Thanks, and good luck. My friends who eat chips also like the potato chip wallet I posted.
chiquita632 years ago
Love this post. Just made my first and can't wait to make more!!!
Rhii163 years ago
It would be very helpful if you could make a video!!
gwebisu (author)  Rhii163 years ago
That's a good idea. I need to get my pal Shift! who is an Instructabrarian to help me. Meanwhile, if there's anything confusing in my instructions as posted, let me know and I will be glad to help you.
miss_robot3 years ago
this was really cool looking.. but i dont have the skills to make one lol.. would u b able to sell me one??
gwebisu (author)  miss_robot3 years ago
Send me your address by "private message.". There is a link on the left side of the screen under my info and photo
Mine really is indestructable! I've used it everyday now for more than three months and it's still as nice as in the beginning. I'm plannign to make another one...
gwebisu (author)  Johnny Lavabo3 years ago
I love hearing that--- thanks for the post!
Po1nd3xter4 years ago
I thought this Instructable was a little difficult, but definitely cool! There's nothing I like more than sitting back and sippin' on a Capri. And now I get to show off my wallet to everyone!

Capri Sun Wallet.jpg
gwebisu (author)  Po1nd3xter4 years ago
Your wallet looks fantastic!! I'm so pleased you posted the pictures. Thanks! Your next one will be a breeze. Maybe you'd like to try my Potato Chip Wallet to go with your Capri Sun wallet? http://www.instructables.com/id/Potato-Chip-Bag-Wallet/
rbynum gwebisu3 years ago
would you be willing to sell me one or two of these wallets i really want one and it would be a great gift to give to my dad but unfortunately i cant make this because i dont have a sewing machine and i lack the required skill
gwebisu (author)  rbynum3 years ago
Pls click on "send private message" under author "gwebisu" name. Thanks
SHIFT!4 years ago
Very good first Instructables! Love that you included your design plans!
gwebisu (author)  SHIFT!4 years ago
Thank you!
randofo4 years ago
Great project. I never realized how easy it was to sew these things together.
gwebisu (author)  randofo4 years ago
Yep, not hard to sew at all (except for the glare). Thanks!
cambob974 years ago
gwebisu (author)  cambob974 years ago
Hear hear!
scoochmaroo4 years ago
I love this and cannot wait to make one! If it's not RFID proof, I know just the thing. . .
gwebisu (author)  scoochmaroo4 years ago
canida4 years ago
Wow, very nice!
gwebisu (author)  canida4 years ago
Thank you!
splazem4 years ago
Awesome! I have to make one...
gwebisu (author)  splazem4 years ago
thenewdays4 years ago
Instead of sewing, you could use a seam sealer from a foodsaver machine. The vac bag hot strip. I use it to seal chip bags and cheese and lots of other things.
gwebisu (author)  thenewdays4 years ago
I tried it with a sealer and it did not work. BUT I will be posting another Instructable soon that actually can use a sealer
The caprisun pouches are thin aluminum. The seam sealers generally only work on plastic bags. If you put one in a foodsaver, you might just melt the ink.
xenor whosdadog4 years ago
They'd still be plastic coated, and I assume they're heat sealed when filled at the factory.