Caprice Classic Digital Speedometer has GONE DARK!!
Now how fast am I really going?!
(OK so the picture shows it working, because I took the pictures after fixing the problem)

Sometimes it starts working again at random, most of the time its black.

Don't bother taking it to the garage. Don't fear having to completely remove the dash to fix it.

In about an hour (or less) you can fix it yourself, no need for parts, no special GM tools!

You will need:
T15 Torx screwdriver
7mm nut driver
soldering gun (optional)
solder (optional)
Petroleum jelly
rubbing alcohol
cotton swabs
napkins/paper towels
pose-able thumbs
1.5 elbows in each arm (or just one arm will do)

Step 1: Remove Gauge Bezel

Remove two screws with 7mm nut driver.
Pull bezel to remove (bottom has spring clips)

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