I saw a hat similar to this for sale on eBay and thought, why not make my own for less? If you're decent at sewing, this project is super easy. It's a trendy way to show off your inner nerd without looking too out of place.


Royal blue baseball cap
White felt
White thread

Step 1:

You'll probably want to draw a pattern for the felt shapes on paper before you cut them out. These are a few different wing patterns I experimented with. I ended up using the third one. Feel free to save this image and trace off the patterns.

The "A" depends on you, whether you like one of the comic book looks or the movie style. I chose a wider "A" simply because I was trying to cover up a design on my recycled cap.
Awesome! This is exactly what my hubby needs for a MLB Cap cosplay!
Awesome! And I bet this is a lot cheaper than trying to buy a Captain America hat!
Thanks! It didn't cost me a thing, since I had the hat and felt already.

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