Captain America Holo Shield


Introduction: Captain America Holo Shield

This tutorial teaches you how to make a captain america shield with leds.

Step 1: The Bracket

the stand was constructed with a 60mm PVC pipe and is attached to the arm by Velcro straps. it has two screws that connect two 9v batteries to the motor.

Step 2: The Bracket of Motor

the base of the motor connects to the base of the previous step. it has two metal terminals that allow the motor to be powered.

Step 3: Strip Leds

The led tapes are rgd and had their resistors removed strategically so that each segment would light up with a specific color.

Step 4: Operation

When we connect the bracket in the engine bracket the turn begins. With the rotating movement the led tape rotates, spreading. The microruptor is activated and the LEDs are lit.

Step 5:



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    Yes. My camera takes 30fps. In real view you can see the perfect shield