Picture of Captain America Tie Dye Avengers Shirt
Everyone around the office has been talking about Marvel's The Avengers this week and we just knew that there had to be a fun craft in there for us to in honor of the movie! We put our thinking caps on and thought that a tie dye shirt in Captain America style was in order! This project was designed by in-house designer Lauri Eaton and she did an amazing job! We think Captain America fans out there would want to get this tie dye look for themselves! In fact, a lot of guys in the office wanted one after seeing what we made! Here's how you make one for yourself!
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Step 1: What you need:

Picture of What you need:

Tulip One-Step Tie Dye in Red and Blue
Tulip Fabric Spray Paint in Snow White
Tulip Dye Zip Ties
Tulip Surface Cover
– White cotton shirt (or use 50/50 blend for a more faded/vintage look)
– Freezer paper
– Scissors or X-acto
– Pencil or star printout

Step 2: Pinch fabric

Picture of Pinch fabric
Pinch middle of shirt and pull up.

Step 3: Add zip ties

Picture of Add zip ties
Apply zip ties as shown and secure tightly. Zip ties work best for this because they grab the material really tightly, oftentimes better than rubber bands! Pull the zip ties as TIGHT as possible.  Use pliers if you need to! That's what our designer Laurie did!

Step 4: Rinse shirt and wring out

Rinse shirt in water and wring out.  The water helps the tie dye set!

Step 5: Apply dye

Picture of Apply dye
Apply tie dye in between each of the binded areas. You will want to saturate each section and not leave any white.

Step 6: Let dye set

Picture of Let dye set
Once finished dyeing wrap in plastic surface cover. Freeze for 70 years!  Just joking.  Let it set for 6-8 hours.

Step 7: Rinse out dye

6. Now run your shirt under the water in the sink until all the dye is out. The dye is out when the water runs clear!  Cut off zip ties and place by itself in the washer and set to large load. Put it on the hottest water suitable for fabric and use a little laundry detergent. Dry in dryer or line dry.
addisonh112 years ago
I go away to camp every summer, and twice a month we have "Tie-Dye Friday". I made four of these for myself and my three friends and we wore them to dinner on the 4th of July! We looked AWESOME!!! Thanks for the great idea! :D
lgillingham2 years ago
Being a huge Marvel nerd, I ADORE this project, but how do you keep all the colors so crisp? Even with the zip ties, my outer circle is always almost completely purple from the blue and red bleeding together.
ilovetocreate (author)  lgillingham2 years ago
Make sure to pull the zip ties REALLY tight. This may mean you need to get some pliers out to tighten. That's what Lauri, our designer did. Sorry for any confusion. I'll make sure that gets updated in the Instructable!
tosho2 years ago
Freeze for 70 years :P
I see what you did there
poofrabbit2 years ago
This is AWESOME! I'm going to have the kids at the summer camp I work for make these well done!
That is genius! Just amazing!
Kiteman2 years ago
Oh, that is simply awesome!

Love it!