Step 9: Apply Fabric Spray in Stencil

Use fabric spray paint to spray inside stencil. The spray paint will give the star a more distressed look.  You can also use Tulip Soft Fabric Paint to stencil on the design as well! Use a hair dryer to speed up drying time.
<p>is the dye light blue or dark blue?</p>
I go away to camp every summer, and twice a month we have &quot;Tie-Dye Friday&quot;. I made four of these for myself and my three friends and we wore them to dinner on the 4th of July! We looked AWESOME!!! Thanks for the great idea! :D
Being a huge Marvel nerd, I ADORE this project, but how do you keep all the colors so crisp? Even with the zip ties, my outer circle is always almost completely purple from the blue and red bleeding together.
Make sure to pull the zip ties REALLY tight. This may mean you need to get some pliers out to tighten. That's what Lauri, our designer did. Sorry for any confusion. I'll make sure that gets updated in the Instructable!
Freeze for 70 years :P <br>I see what you did there
This is AWESOME! I'm going to have the kids at the summer camp I work for make these well done!
That is genius! Just amazing!
Oh, that is simply awesome! <br> <br>Love it!

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