Reading Jules Verne I always thougt about the Nautillus and the lamps onboard.

Here is an idea of such a lamp :-)

Step 1: The Parts

Some nice looking bulbs
Some bulb sockets
Two wooden pyramids
Some Vulcan Fibre
A dimmer modul
Brass srews, nuts and copper parts
A copper top for fences
Some pieces of plywood
I love this - please keep posting more! And if ever you need a new home for it I'll gladly look after it for you :)
The world needs more Jules Verne themed technology, lovely work!
Very Very nice! Need 4 to make a set!!! <br>
Absolutely amazing! You are a real inspiration! It makes me want to improve my 'ibles.
Yet another truly inspired invention. I'm sure Captain Nemo would be honored to have this lamp on his nightstand - as would any steampunk fan:-)

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