Picture of Captain Nemos Lamp
Reading Jules Verne I always thougt about the Nautillus and the lamps onboard.

Here is an idea of such a lamp :-)

Step 1: The parts

Picture of The parts
Some nice looking bulbs
Some bulb sockets
Two wooden pyramids
Some Vulcan Fibre
A dimmer modul
Brass srews, nuts and copper parts
A copper top for fences
Some pieces of plywood
I love this - please keep posting more! And if ever you need a new home for it I'll gladly look after it for you :)
Aleator7773 years ago
The world needs more Jules Verne themed technology, lovely work!
Very Very nice! Need 4 to make a set!!!
Absolutely amazing! You are a real inspiration! It makes me want to improve my 'ibles.
Winged Fist3 years ago
Yet another truly inspired invention. I'm sure Captain Nemo would be honored to have this lamp on his nightstand - as would any steampunk fan:-)