Captains' Pistol "Silver Dollar" Custom


Introduction: Captains' Pistol "Silver Dollar" Custom

"Nerf N Strike Maverick Rev 6"  from  Argos £10.99 - stripped down to it's main componets (Lock,Stock, and Barrel etc.).    I Added extra details such as the Sonic Screwdriver and the heart shape on the muzzle - on reverse a smart chip on the stock and 4 flat flower-shape beads in a reverse 7 patern were super-glued on.

A  First coat of Metallic Black was sprayed on, after that had dried completely I applied a second coat to cover up any bits I missed.

Then once the second coat was completely dry again, I used a dry-brushing technique in a Antique Gold (from the same range of paints as the black) lightly onto the lock and stock . The barrel accentuated with Metalic Silver also dry-brushed on but in more areas to give a better effect.

Lastly I added a real Silver Dollar and the tassels. The Holster was made form a old canvas bag



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    This is in such an awesome share, very rare pictures, nerf n strike maveric rev 6 is my favorite.
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    nice im going to make one as soon as i get teh parts

    KInda seems like cocking it with that "sonic screwdriver" on the top would be a pain in the butt.

    3 replies'd think so - but you can still cock-it by griping the slide with thumb and forefinger aroung the hammer

    Still, this isn't your go-to sidearm in a pinch now, eh? Oh well, guess we all gotta go get more Magstrikes.

    ...I'm a "ask-questions-shoot-later" kinda gal. I only shoot if I have to and as I'm a "Warrior-Poet" lament over it afterwards - I'm not like the guys who go off "half-cock" (",)