Picture of Car Accident Make-up
Let's say you are in a car, going 120 km/ph and suddenly, BAM! And you find yourself flying out of the car. Why? NO SEATBELT! Soon you feel the hard, dirty gound scrape the left side of your face. Next thing you know, you're in an ambulance roaring through the streets to the hospital."Whats wrong?", you ask. Your mom is silent as she picks up mirror as you gasp in horror from the sight you see. Your face looks HORRIBLE!

I hope that after you've read this, you'll think about wearing your seat belt next time.

Thanks for looking!

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
You are going to need:



Red, blue and reddish-brownish eyeshadow

Optional: A paintbrush to apply make-up with
It actually looks legit! Love it!
Vynash5 years ago
Take this out of the knex section...
conversegirl (author)  Vynash5 years ago
conversegirl (author) 5 years ago
Sorry that I have lots of tags like Arduino or knex. It's just that my instructables dont get viewed often, so I put in lots of tags
Ahah I understand you, my sucking instructables did not get more than 100 views lol!
But your is good, and already have more than 140 :)
ac1D5 years ago
Good instructables and look easy to do!
Step are really easy to follow!
But is it a good idea to put butter in your face?(acne)
conversegirl (author)  ac1D5 years ago
I dont think butter would do anything, but if you want you could find something else if you want
Why butter? What's it do?
conversegirl (author)  mrtentaclenun5 years ago
The butter just makes it look a bit wet, cause I dont think that blood is dry after 5 minutes
Mr. Muggle5 years ago
I think if you fly out of a car that drives 120 kmph your pretty dead
sammyBoy5 years ago
Take this out of the Arduino tag...
keng5 years ago
Fantastic!  a couple of dark read line where the scabs break open would be great too....don't smile, though....no one like a car wreck victim smiling...makes them feel bad that they complain about the extra low-fat creamer the 'barista' (as if!! he couldn't even spell machiato...come on is pride in what you do so much to ask?!!...sorry, I digress)...anyway...great job!

But seriously, if I wanted a FAT COW machiato, I'd have said so!...I mean really the nerve of that guy!...what's the point of getting the low-fat creamers if you put twice as many in!?!!...I'm just askin' is all....

Really, though, great job...the scrapes came out very well down near the corner of your jaw.