Picture of Car Bluetooth (for Arduino)
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
puente H.jpg
Arduino uno

 Wire

 Pin (male)

 A car (this is to taste and convenience of the user)

 A Bluetooth module (in this case using the modulo HT_06)

 Breadboard

 Two motors (preferably using the car engine brings)

 Arduino program (in which I got from a website)

 Apk to manipulate the car from your android (cell phone with android 4 ice scream sandwish or later)

 Cell Phone

 H bridge (model is the L293D bridge preferably)

 a battery of 9.6V

 speaker cable

 barrel connector

Step 2: Diagram

Picture of Diagram
audreyobscura9 months ago

Glad to know about this app - do you have more documentation from your build?