Car Bumper Wall Decoration





Introduction: Car Bumper Wall Decoration

A nice way of decorating your room/wall is by using car parts. In this

case I used a second hand bumper of an Opel Kadett GSI turbo.

This is not a step by step instructable to show how this is build, because all car bumpers are different and I was lucky some planks fitted in a gap at the back perfectly.

After fitting the planks in the bumper and attaching book shelf support to the planks, it was easy to put it on the wall in the same way you would do with a shelf. After that I fitted black wire mesh in the openings. To really make it stand out I fitted a RGB led-strip with a remote control. The number plate came of the first car I sat in so that is a nice detail as well.

I hope I brought you some inspiration in decorating your room.

Step 1:



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Looks cool, thanks for sharing! Congratulations on your first Instructable, I hope we see more posts from you in the future!

i did something similar with the front grill of a jeep cj7 for my sons room. i used el wire behind the grill and led nightlights behind the headlights