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An inexpensive (CHEAP) and efficient (WORKING) way of mounting a video camera to the dash of my car for recording purposes.


I tried gorilla tripods, mini tripods.

My buddy suggested a bean bag (which we couldn't find anywhere)


This works. It's stable, cheap, and stays where you put it (No matter how bad the driving is!)

Step 1:

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Take your Camera...

This here is my buddy Craig's Sony DCR

Step 2:

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Take a Sponge...

I got this one from Canadian Tire (Hi Mum) for a buck and a half!

Step 3:

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Trace around your Camera taking note of all nooks and crannies.

Take a sharp, Sharp exacto knife (Careful) and cut out the section where the camera is to fit.

(Cut slightly smaller than actual size so camera fits snug.)

I also cut a round slot for a tube that you will see in an upcoming step/photo

Step 4:

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Take a chunk of non slip grippy mat stuff (Also available from Canadian Tire / Hardware store) and cut it however you want to fit on the underside of the sponge.

(I cut mine to the shape of the sponge, but smaller)

You can glue it if you want but I didn't because it is already very non slippy... and grippy

Step 5:

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This is the tube I was talking about earlier.

I filled it with pennies for a little extra weight... for stability.

I don't really know if I needed to do it, but I did need somewhere to put pennies.

Step 6:

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Insert the tube of Pennies (The Weight) into the penny tube slot.

Step 7:

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Insert Camera in to the camera slot.

If you cut this right it should fit nice and snug.

Viewing screen is turned forward so we can see if I or we are in frame.

Step 8:

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Cables for camera come from the back of the camera.

I plugged it into the car outlet for unlimited power

Step 9:

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tdew (author)2015-04-06

Looks great. I'm going to try it out with my new time-lapse camera on a road trip.

phenoptix (author)2009-05-14

Great 'ible and even better beard.

Thanks... it's my first! ('ible and beard)

Of course there is now so many mini sports cams that stick just about anywhere! (OUCH!)

paperairplanecreator (author)2010-10-30

you can turn it around and make it a cop cam in seconds!

Cop Cam? How are you suppose to "see" what it is recording? Good luck with that !! ;)

eh i won't need to see :P

Hence the name of your production company...

I think his "Paper Airplane Creator" is a great company name.
Aerodynamics is a tough gig!

warrrkocz (author)2014-02-13

Nicely done :)

Thank you!

DELETED_jorgegunn (author)2011-01-05

So simple yet brilliant now the big Q is whether to try it with my expensive camera??

Probably not a good idea!

hirod3 (author)2012-01-08

Great instructable, and a clever idea :) The good times photo is the icing on the cake ;)

Those were the days... Thank You!

boopha (author)2011-12-20

LOL, this is so far my favorite step to any project i've read yet! Tooooo funny, "I don't really know if I needed to do it, but I did need somewhere to put pennies" my goodness you sound SO much like my brother who i'm making this for its unreal.

Eeeep... My doppelganger?
One of me is already to many!

wirenut1980 (author)2011-12-09

2 thumbs up!!

Thanks... right back 'atcha!

jacksonhpeters (author)2011-10-31

ahh... the sony dcr-hc38.... i always did hate that camera...

LOL... and thank god it is long gone!

Styluss (author)2011-07-24

Excellent! This is really handy for budget racers (Autocross, Rally Cross, etc). Thanks for the write up!

You're Welcome!

KnexFreek (author)2011-04-27

Nice job!

Thank you!

iamsharath (author)2010-12-08

Great idea ! Thanks.


Zion_Sphere (author)2010-09-01

This is a really good idea and easy to produce and customise. Why didn't I think of this when struggling with the blasted broken tripod and trying to balence my playstation eye ontop of a pile of game cartridges and magazines!? Thanx for the, how to fix my camcorder??????


Thanks Zion!

Buzzinski (author)2011-01-07

I did this for our last road trip from Townsville to Brisbane (all up 4000klms over 2 weeks) and back and my wife used her Digital SLR in a Jumbo Sponge just as detailed above.

The only improvement was to add a layer of non slip matting under the sponge so it wouldn't slip off my Camry's sloped dash. 1500+ digital photos and 4 hours of HD Video later it has a permanent place in our car. Thanks for a simple and very effective Ibble.

That's great Buzz...
Thank you!

(One thing. I did put a non slip matting under it... step number 4)

angelabchua (author)2010-06-23

that is toooo awesome! and I have to say, that still shot at the end is too cute!

I think that end shot is my buddy Craig and I (I'm the bearded one) in the middle of our rendition of "Too much time on my hands" by STYX!

sickdog74 (author)2010-04-23

Genius! I love it!


halberdear (author)2010-02-26

who needs one of these when you have a good TT!

Who needs a TT when you have one of these!

kirnex (author)2010-01-28

 Okay, I actually NEEDED this some months ago, and wish I'd found it!  

This is awesome for being able to record people in front of you as well, obviously. That was my need, having a wacked-out neighbor who tried several times to purposely cause accidents with me.  The police recommended having a dash cam in case she was ever successful in causing one--but how to install and make jitter-proof?  This is the perfect solution.  Must go find a car sponge...

Let me know when you post an instructable for "good fences make good neighbours: barbed wire project!"

thedogsaysocho (author)2009-07-30

ghetto lol

Ghetto works hard to do things expensive stuff can't do at all!

cdizzle (author)2009-07-08

this is a great idea


muffinhead (author)2009-05-25

this is awesome. plus, it gives you more space for loose change when you pull into drive-thrus!


berky93 (author)2009-03-19

instead of pennies and grippy rubber, you could make another hole on the other side of the camera. then pass a strap through one hole, through the grill on one of your windshield defogger and back through the other hole, then strap it together. that will hold it really well. but still a good trick, especially if you just need something fast.

This thing never went anywhere. Totally stayed put! I thought of the straps earlier, but I have an 07 Honda Civic. The windshield is at such an angle you can't even get your hand in far enough to reach the defog vents. I also don't really think I needed the pennies... it was more of a last minute add on. Maybe instead of the penny tube, cut out a square storage space for more mini-dv tapes or maybe if I don't have it plugged in, a spot for an extra battery? ...or a slot to hold your mp3 player? A multitasking Sponge? who knows? Thanks berky93

Go down to your friendly pharmacy and ask them for a 20 dram or larger vial (vials for pills are measured in drams). A 20 dram should be large enough to hold quarters and you'll have a multi-tasker with quarters for tolls, parking meters etc.

Nice Suggestion! Thanks!

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