I think I've found a new talent...

Not Traced.
Not Photoshopped.
Just my work.
Forgot to add that really nice work on the induction on thr hood of the GT50
The fist two are my favorites. I love the classic Shelby Cobra and the newer ford racing GT50 but awesome wish i could do this!
the Austin Healy Mk 3000 and the Austin Mini are the best, but they are all excellent
Very good! Especially, the last one-PRO! I should add some colour to my drawings now! =D
Holy crapphoodoodlescheesewithpiefunnychicken!!!! Thats amazing!!
Hmmm... I see an instructable for drawing proportionally here...
Awesome, yes I think you have found a talent. Great job!
Your Amazing!
cool =)
wow. last ones pro!
Cool! Cool!

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