These LEDs are intended to be mounted under the handle to create a glow of colour from the handles.

You can buy these strips of 3 LEDs but they cost over £8 a pack for 2 I already had a strip of 30 LEDs which I bought on EBay for about £1.50 so I figured I would just make my own

Step 1: What You Need

You will need the following.......................

A 12v SMD LED Strip, mine is a stripe of 30

Electrical wire, I just used what I had to hand which was 10amp

A soldering iron and Solder

if you have one a helping hand soldering tool to hold the wire and LEDs in place while your soldering

Insulation tape

a hot glue gun

Great instructable very creative
Great work so far. I'd like to see some info about how you wire it up and attach it though. I love instructables that get my mind racing with ideas of my own.
oh and attaching is easy, they have double sided tape on them already so i would use that, the other lights i have i used hot glue which was ok but i need to redo it as i only used hot glue on one side so they came undone i need to cake them in there i think
I actually already have some lights installed in the front grill, all i have done is run a positive and negative feed from the battery to the dash, wired that to a switch and then run the live from the lights to the switch and the negative to the feed from the battery. this way they can be independently operated esp if your nervous about the police not liking them you can just switch them off if you see a cop car lol or if you want to go somewhere without them on just turn em off. i have put 2 switches in my dash, 1 for exterior lights and the other for interior lights. hope that helps. oh and i have also put in a USB port for charging my phone while i'm driving but i didn't take pics while i was doing it so i didn't write an instructable. i should have really it was easier to do my way than the one that's already on here.

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