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Introduction: Car Drawing

SLUG BUG!!!! OUCH THAT HURT. OMG let me know what you think about this. Only positive comments please.i do not like mean comments:(thanks!!!!



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Zastava 850, 1980 - Yugoslavia

Um alright positive comments nothing in my head no offense but its not that good

not the best but i see you tryed

"Only positive comments please." Not very good reader (no offense).

i cant respond to this comment without cuss words... so i wont say any thing

Plus you spelled tried wrong. Just saying...

I'm sorry. The images button is glitchy. Not to brag, but I draw 3D forms of cars and I draw mostly tanks, planes, and light armored vehicles. I don't nessesarly have to show you a car. Just check out some of my profile images and instructables and you'll get the point: I am a pretty good painter and sketcher. :P