Introduction: Car Electric Tester

Picture of Car Electric Tester

Needle is sealed with glue

Step 1: Needle

Picture of Needle

Needle is sealed with glue

Step 2: Crocodile Clip

Picture of  Crocodile Clip

Crocodile clip for ground wire

Step 3: Lamp

Picture of Lamp

two 12 v lamp are conected

Step 4: Lamp Connected to Wire

Picture of Lamp Connected to Wire

lamp connected to wire

Step 5: Cover

Picture of Cover

Capping Marker

Step 6: Tester Is Working

Picture of Tester Is Working

It shows electricity in wires


Triclaw (author)2014-07-04

what does it test ? how does it work ?

khalili_moin (author)Triclaw2014-07-05

it test Car wire electricity

omnibot (author)Triclaw2014-07-04

As far as I can tell you clamp the crocodile clip to any handy ground (eg chassis) and poke electric connections with the probe. It tests for closed circuits. If, say, your headlights aren't working but the fuse is okay then you could use this to find a broken or bad connection by testing the wire between the lamp and the fuse. Headlights need to be on for this.

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