I wanted to be a bright, orange fox but needed a twist – so I came up with the Car Fox (from the Car Fax commercials)!  It was so fun to be the Car Fox and have a unique costume that made people snap their fingers and say “haaaah!”

There are 6 parts to the costume – arm cuffs, hood, boot covers, tail, shirt, and pants. 

Materials used: 1.5 yd orange fur fabric, 0.5 yd white fur fabric, 12” square of black fur fabric, less than a qtr of pink fuzzy fabric, thick craft foam sheet, fluff, thick elastic, white tee shirt, black sharpie, iron-on letters, jeans

*Optional - Manic Panic electric lava hair dye (although it turned out red instead of orange - still love it), orange lashes, red lipliner for brows

Step 1: Step 1 - Arm Cuffs

Materials: orange/ white fur

This was the easiest to make, so I made it first.  This was the first time I had ever used my sewing machine (I had previously used the sewing genie and mostly hand-stitched everything) so I wanted to ease myself into it.  After many youtube tutorials, I was good to go ;)

For each cuff, I cut out a rectangle of orange fur (about 7” long) and a much thinner white portion. 

Sidenote: cut the fur from the backside with a utility knife if you can – don’t use scissors or the fur will get everywhere.  It still did get everywhere, but it would’ve been way worse with scissors.   I laid it down on a towel over carpet, so clean up was easy.

I sewed the white portion to the orange (make sure that the fur is going the same direction) and that was that.  Super easy!
<p>nice costume and what a beautifull girl !</p>
<p>Good looking model\</p>
Where did u buy that fabric
You look so cute in that outfit.- carfax
Awesome costume! Impressed with your creativity. The tutorial part could needs improvement, might i suggest following an instructional format with step by step directions for each photo. A bit more info on how much material you started with and used for each item. Thx for sharing your creativity looking forward to your other ideas :)
I knew that if I persevered I would get to see a &quot;Real Fox-y Lady&quot;!! <br>Nice costume!!
That was a really clever costume and I just LOVE the hair color!
Thank you!!!

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