Car Headliner Recovering





Introduction: Car Headliner Recovering

Basic car headliner repair.



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    my dad has a 74 vw bug with a ripped headliner, i think i know what i will do for him this christmas!

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    That may be a sewn in style headliner where the video doesn't apply. A lot of the 1970's cars are built a bit differently. Sewn in headliners were common and are much more difficult to do. If you see seems in the material running left to right, that is what you have.

    I'm having the same problem with a 91 Jeep. As of now I have a "Fuzzy" ceiling. I'd love to know how to repair it but I shall use above Instructable to protest the use of "Video Instructables." Finding an interesting link online which directs to a Video is an instant excuse for me to post horrible and untrue comments concerning the site which has seduced me into clicking deeper into their insidious, designed for moron's, excuse for information. I truly hope your project and included video ended well. I however, being of simple mind, require written instructions for reference, avoiding repeated rewinds of what I imagine is a fantastic "Instructable"! The written word shall forever reign!

    Best of luck,

    It's a shame he left it so long that the headliner was shredded. If its just detached from the roof and hanging down its probably because the foam backing has deteriorated and can no longer hold it up.

    That sounds like me: "deteriorated and can no longer hold it up". But getting back to the roof liner.........

    At this stage it is easily repaired with wallpaper glue.
    1. Mix up a few litres of really good wallpaper glue.
    2. Lie on your back and be prepared to be covered in glue.
    3. Start in the middle of the ceiling and spread the glue generously on the liner. It will go through the liner and glue the foam back together.
    4. Try not to stretch the liner and ignore the colour change - it will drive clear.
    5. When it dries its ready for another 15 years.

    That's more than I can say for me.

    Awesome! I wish I knew this when I had my first car.