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Introduction: Car Led Revolution

I have changed ;

Front Daytime Lights (Yellow)

Front Fog Lights (White)

Rear Tail Lights (Red)

Led lights more brilliant and better than bulb lights. Also power consumption is less 50%.

Default 1 bulb light power consumption is 21 watt around my new led power consumption is only 8 Watt.

They have made changed my car's destiny..

These leds better than home made useless led circuits. Also these leds don't harm your car and any problem with your car's electronic system.

I do share with you Led's sales links.

Rear Tail Lights and Daytime Lights;


Fog Lights;

80W H11 High Power cree Headlight Led-Vehicles-Car-Fog-Light

Some people flagged my instructable because of the sales links. They think I deal with seller.
That's why you can find leds yourself.

Check your car's manual document to put leds into your car

Buy Leds and check your car's manual document which tells you how to change lights and just do it.

Step 1: Results



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    türkçe de yazsaydın ya bro :) eline sağlık çok güzel olmuş, ampülleri watı yüksek ampüllerlemi değiştirdin tam okumadım ingilizce olunca

    It looks nice, but you didn't really make anything. It looks like you just upgraded your lights with a manufactured kit. Maybe you should post this in a car forum.

    2 replies

    Sometimes an information which is use right led is better than doing something with useless products.

    Admin doesn't let me to share links. Just use google it for link